BioClimate Group

Faculty of Biology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

We are the BioClimate Group …

… a group of passionate environmentalists at the Faculty of Biology of the LMU Munich, ranging from under- and post graduates to research assistants and lecturers.

Our group was established in 2019 when we noticed that the recent environmental protection movement has gone more or less unnoticed at our campus. We aim to activly increase the focus on the global climate crisis at our faculty and to work towards a more sustainable and environmental friendly campus.

We organise activities to multiple aspects of the climate crises, loss of biodiversity and nature conservation – including the direct and indirect impact we have on our planet. Thereby, we always try to promote debates and come up with solutions for a real ecological change.

Check out our past projects & actions and main goals to see how we work on transforming our campus.

Our Recent Projects

Plastic Project

November 2019

Plastic Project

Every year, our labs use tons of single-used plastic but most of the waste is neither recycled nor reused. We collected as much of the daily trash as possible and piled it up at our campus – a clear message that we need to reduce our plastic usage dramatically!

Public Climate School

November 2019

Public Climate School

Prior to the global climate strike on 29th November 2019, the Public Climate School (PCS) hosted a week of lectures, workshops and debates focusing on the climate crisis and climate justice. We contributed to the PCS by organising lectures at our faculty and mobilising for the strike.

#Klimawahl 2020

March 2020

Local Elections

On March 15, Bavaria held local elections that determine most climate protection policies at a local level. Using the Hashtag #Klimawahl (climate election), we want to motivate our campus to go voting – Your ballot paper is your voice for our planet!

Check out our projects & actions to find out what we have done in the past.


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