Main Goals

Our group identifies 4 specific topics that build-up the crisis our planet is currently facing. We are convinced that these topics are interconnected and that a global Transition in our human society is necessary to solve them as a whole.

The BioClimate Group’s Big Topics

We want to raise the campus’ awareness about these 4 topics, document changes at our scale and contribute to the necessary Transition.

Here are our main goals:


Promote a more sustainable scientific practice & way of life for students and staff


Encourage more climate & nature related debates on the campus

Direct Action

Organise direct actions on climate crisis, loss of biodiversity and nature conservation


Update our campus on recent climate events, strikes and new projects relating to the climate crisis


Invite students, professors, the faculty staff and the LMU to commit publicly on these topics


Include the 4 topics in the curriculum & help students understand their interconnection

You like what we do? Let’s get in touch and join us!

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